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(this page is a rough draft with more to come – I didn’t want to wait to publish it because the information and links are valuable in forming your opinion on this extremely important topic).  More links and better proofs will come!

There are several shocking (and clearly provable) facts in this arena that the CDC clearly doesn’t want you to know (they’d simply lose too much money from their patented vaccinations).  I’ll list a few and then provide you with several links to prove them and point you to other links where you can learn much more.

1.   Safe and Effective? (Note to self…include clip from TTAV WHO recording)

One of the most shocking discoveries I made in this arena is that not a single vaccine in the CDCs recommended childhood vaccine schedule has a solid scientific study to prove safety and effectiveness!  Even though that’s the narrative pushed by the CDC and all the major media outlets.  All studies use false placebos, no placebos, or cherry picked data.

All other pharmaceuticals are required by the FDA to pass safety tests prior to releasing them to the public (and even then thousands of people die from them!).  But not vaccines.  Safety studies are never RANDOMIZED, DOUBLE BLIND, PLACEBO CONTROLLED.  Double Blind means those performing the tests can’t manipulate the data.  Placebo controlled means those being tested also cannot manipulate the data.  It’s the golden standard in scientific research – BUT NEVER USED IN THE VACCINE INDUSTRY!

Dr. Chad Hayes has a satire article where he tries to convince you of why we CAN’T do a randomized double blind placebo controlled study.  In the end of the article he drops this bombshell without seeming to realize what he’s insinuating.  He says

“Hopefully, you’ve realized (if you didn’t already) why we haven’t done this study — and why we never will. Vaccines prevent disease — in your child, your child’s friends, and people who can’t be vaccinated. Vaccines save lives. No, we don’t have a double-blinded, randomized controlled trial comparing our vaccine schedule to placebo.”

Source: https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2017/05/vaccine-study-youll-never-see.html

Did you catch it?  He essentially says “we don’t need to do a study on safety and efficacy because we already know they’re safe and effective”.  REALLY!?  HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU KNOW THAT WITHOUT APPLYING SCIENCE?!  The simple answer is you can’t!  Otherwise pharmaceutical companies would save the billions of dollars they spend on testing their drugs because “they already know they’re safe and effective.” 

What’s shocking is Dr. Hayes certainly doesn’t stand alone.  He’s one of many many doctors who tow the party line of “safe and effective, no need to test, don’t question the authority of the CDC”.

Going one step further, the CDC actually insists it’s unethical to do these tests because you’d be depriving the control group of a life-saving vaccine.
Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4157320/

2.   Vaccine Manufacturer’s Immunity Against LAWSUITS

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3.   VAERS, and Billions in payouts to victims of vaccines

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4.   Harvesting Aborted Fetal (a.k.a. murdered babies) tissues.

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5.   Animal DNA and viruses present in vaccines.

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Here is a table where you can find links that point to valuable resources on the topic of vaccinations:

The Truth about Vaccines 2020 Documentary by Ty and Charlene Bollinger

Main Site: https://thetruthaboutvaccines.com/

Vaccines Revealed Documentary by Dr. Patrick Gentempo

1200 Studies: https://www.wellnessdoc.com/1200studies/
1200 Studies backup link on my own server: 1200 Studies

Our one-pager to give your pediatrician (not finished)


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