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The topic of health is very polarizing.  There are theories and methodologies used that are opposite in nature (veganism and carnivory as an example) while seeming to provide similar results. 

Perhaps the most polar area is vaccinations and medical freedom of choice.  Some say they are so necessary that they should be forced on all of the world’s population, others say they are not only unnecessary, but they are harmful and ineffective.  People are willing to pick up arms and fight to defend their rights, and others are willing to strip them of their arms so they can be forced.

In fact, I believe this area is so polarized because it’s a spiritual battleground in which Satan can immobilize his opponents.  He can use health to take Christians out of God’s economy.  When you get sick you become a burden on family and friends.  They can’t effectively spread the gospel while running themselves ragged to care for you.  By making you sick, he’s preventing two people from being 100% effective in spreading the gospel, and in the end he eventually completely removes the sick one through an unnecessary death from cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  And not only that, he strips away hundreds of billions, possibly trillions, of dollars that could have been spent providing water and food to the less fortunate.  When your loved one gets cancer, you can easily go bankrupt from yourself missing work, paying for their lost wages, and running them around from appointment to appointment, paying medical fees, etc. Disease is one of the enemy’s greatest tools in his fight against all that is good.

If after you read any of the articles below you have more questions, please feel free to contact us!

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